MT-Headed updates

I’d like to take a moment to shamelessly plug my blog. (And since this is my website, who’ll stop me?) MT-Headed has steadily been plugging along over the last ~16 months, gradually gaining visitors and subscribers. (If you’re subscribed to this RSS feed, please hop on over to the blog feed and subscribe there also. And if you’re not subscribed to this one, here you go!) My recent post on ear protection, which I expected to receive little attention, was not only shared across the web by friends, colleagues, and strangers, but it was also plugged by Etymotic Research, Inc. This was unsolicited by me and a complete surprise:

This is the third time the blog has received such unexpected attention, and for that I’m quite thankful. (The first two instances were for my reviews of albums by PRISM Quartet and Dave Liebman, both of which were plugged by the artists via Facebook and Twitter.) Publicity aside, I’ve also begun a weekly annotated video series (“MTH-V”). And I’ve recently catalogued the “New Listen” and “MTH-V” posts here and here for ease of finding past entries, both of which are accessible from the blog’s menu.

In other news, Matt and I just got back from a great Teag & PK gig at Port Huron’s Raven Café. It’s a great establishment and it was our first visit; we hope to return soon!