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Matt Borghi & Michael Teager Live on ‘Echoes’ Today – 01.08.14

As a follow-up to our on Echoes, Matt Borghi and myself will be featured on today’s episode. Our previous episode featured our Living Room Concert, whereas today’s episode will feature the longform interview conducted by host John Diliberto. Both episodes are in support of Convocation, and they were taped just a day after we recorded Awaken the Electric Air.

John’s knowledgeable, engaged, and thoughtful questions and comments made for a wonderful conversation before, during, and after the taping. We discussed a variety of topics: our project, our individual and collective influences, our individual histories, and general thoughts on music and style. It’s just too bad the mics were off when we dug deeper into Pink Floyd and then covered some Ted Nugent… :)

Check your local listings (here and here) and tune in!

Echoes‘s official announcement here.

Praise for ‘Convocation’

Some more great news for Convocation:

The album received quite a positive review from Hypnagogue, a very comprehensive review site for ambient and electronic music. You can read the whole thing here.
— “I’m going to be very surprised if this doesn’t end up on a lot of ‘Best Of’ lists this year. You have to hear Convocation.”

Our album was also included on Echoes‘s Top 25 list for March 2013. A pleasant surprise!

Thanks for all the continued support!

UPDATED 04.09.13:
A nice review was published in this month’s edition of textura. Full article here.
— “Guitarist Matt Borghi and saxophonist Michael Teager have fashioned a wonderful ambient-styled recording that distinguishes itself dramatically from others in the genre.”