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Sean Madigan Hoen’s ‘Old Slow Sad Ones’ is now available

Author and musician Sean Madigan Hoen‘s Old Slow Sad Ones 2002-2006 is now available. I’m honored that he asked me to contribute on a couple songs for this collection, as I not only consider him a good friend but also greatly respect his music and writing. This new collection is a remixed and remastered collection of songs from his catalog that was originally released either under his own name or Leaving Rouge. For Sean’s own perspective and discussion of this collection, read this.

Sean’s book, which serves as a catalyst of sorts for this collection, is a moving read, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. I wrote about it some on the blog, and there are also myriad reviews here.

Old Slow Sad Ones is available via digital and hard copies from Bandcamp and digitally from CD Baby.