MT-Headed Blog & more…

In case you haven’t visited the site to see, I’ve been maintaining my recently resurrected – and renamed! – music blog here.  There are 1-2 new posts each week, and readership has been gradually increasing (as has traffic to this site – thank you!).  It’s also worth noting that last week’s “New Listen” post (an ongoing music review series) was featured in PRISM Quartet’s Facebook Page. That was a complete but very welcome surprise when I saw that in my news feed.

Speaking of Facebook, my music page is now up and running.

As far as this site is concerned, please take visit the recently updated Media (“Audio,” specifically), Projects, and Itinerary pages.  My schedule will be receiving frequent updates now that I’m getting into a performance routine down here in TX.  If you’re in the southeastern Houston area, do come see me with Zentropy if you have the chance.  It promises to be a fun time!

I’ll be making further updates soon as time permits.  As always, thanks for visiting!