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Upcoming feature/release with Matt Borghi

I recently collaborated with close friend/colleague Matt Borghi on a recording for an upcoming feature on the informative and engaging Vague Terrain. Make no mistake, this is a feature for Matt and all of his great work (of which there’s a ton – do check him out via his website and iTunes if you haven’t yet); I’m simply a contributor (and am honored to have been included).

I’ll post more details as they come available, but as for now I know the music will appear in September.  This is the first “installment” in what promises to be an ongoing long-distance collaboration with Matt now that I live in Houston. (My parts were recorded in TX, his in MI.)

More to come soon!

Settling in

I’m now moved in and back on the grid in Houston, TX. Texas dates are sure to come soon, as well as new projects.

As for maintaining other collaborations, I have a number of plans with close friend/musician Matt Borghi regarding new music releases somewhere online, and possibly even in person in the coming months.  (He recently released a few recordings we did together on his wonderfully informative website – do check them out!)

Continue to check back for coming updates in the video and audio sections of the site (some videos were added before the move), as well as those regarding live performances.


Winding Down

If you’re a regular visitor to my site, then you’ve likely noticed the paucity of new dates on my itinerary.  In August I’ll be moving to Houston, TX, and as a result I’ve begun to wind down my involvement in most projects.  Some new dates will continue to appear – note my “double bill” at Lansing’s Festival of the Sun on June 26 – so please keep checking back.