w. Matt Borghi & Michael Teager:
01.24.14 – WKAR’s Current State – interview and in-studio performance (East Lansing’s public radio from MSU)
01.09.14 – Echoes podcast (PRI’s podcast version of the nationally-syndicated Echoes)
01.08.14 – Echoes broadcast
11.06.13 – Echoes broadcast – interview and in-studio performance


w. Matt Borghi & Michael Teager:

w. The Fencemen (rock):
Rented Rooms (excerpt from the album Times Are Alright, 2012)
w. White Gold Scorpio (rock):
Scare You Like I Do (excerpt from the album Halloween Island, 2012)
w. Teag & PK (folk/rock)
Come Back To Me
 (2009 demo)
Fancy This (2009 demo)
w. The Elevator Conspiracy (other/lounge):
The Sun Shines (from the album Live at WCBN 04.28.10, 2010 — original composition)
Let’s Rewrite the Book (2009)
w. Matt Borghi (downtempo/deep house, “The Raven” from After Otherwise, 2013)

Topaz & Eileen Bristol’s Arachnid (w. First Flight, excerpt from the album Sky Tunes, 2009)
John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme, Mvt. III “Pursuance” (excerpt – solo w. Pat Harris, Dan Gonko, Daniel McDonald, Nate Powell, Joel Lane, 2005)

William Albright’s Fantasy Etudes, Mvt. I “Index; A Real Nice Number” (tenor saxophone w. Cosima Saxophone Quartet, 2008)
William Albright’s Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano, Mvt. I “Two Part Invention” (live recital performance, 2005)
William Albright’s Doo-Dah for Three Alto Saxophones (excerpt) (first alto saxophone w. Heidi Bellinger and Drew Whiting, 2008)
Richard Rodney Bennett’s Sonata for Soprano Saxophone and Piano, Mvt. I “Poco Allegro” (excerpt) (live recital performance, 2008)



w. Matt Borghi & Michael Teager (Live at The Gathering in Philadelphia, PA 10.19.13 — full performance)

w. Now Know Quartet (joined by drummer Jim Owens and bassist Rick Wyble):
Various excerpts/improvisations from The Lifted Festival performance (The Loft in Lansing, MI 01.20.12)

w. The Fencemen
“Rented Rooms” (Live at The Loft in Lansing, MI 04.13.12)

w. First Flight:
“Let The Music Take Your Mind” (Live at Baker’s Keyboard Lounge in Detroit, MI 05.22.10)

“G Minor Funk” (Live at Baker’s Keyboard Lounge in Detroit, MI 05.22.10)