The Fencemen lyric book & CD containing Times Are Alright, More More More More Monuments, & “Black Hills Harmonic”; Down Peninsula Audio — Purchase via Down Peninsula Audio 
• “Black Hills Harmonic,” The Fencemen; Down Peninsula Audio — Purchase via Bandcamp
• Times Are Alright (remixed & remastered), The Fencemen; Down Peninsula Audio — Purchase via Bandcamp
• Beautiful Colors [Home Recordings Vol.7], Sean Madigan Hoen; Down Peninsula Audio — Purchase via Bandcamp

• More More More More Monuments, The Fencemen; Down Peninsula Audio — Purchase via iTunes
• “Restoration” (single), Matt Borghi & Michael Teager — Purchase via Bandcamp

Subterranean Bearings, Matt Borghi & Michael Teager; Slo.Bor Media — Purchase via Bandcamp
• Vol. 1, Spirochete Sessions — Purchase via Bandcamp

• Lakshmi, Iam Saums; Kingdom of Sound — Purchase via artist website

Winter Eyes, Olagra; Slo.Bor Media, SBM 046 — Purchase via Amazon

Seek Harmony EP, White Gold Scorpio; Down Peninsula Audio 10311979 — Purchase via Bandcamp
Shades of Bending Light, Matt Borghi & Michael Teager; Slo.Bor Media, SBM044 — Purchase via iTunes, Amazon, eMusic

• “The third time is yet another charm for Borghi and Teager. Shades of Bending Light has managed to improve on what was already pretty amazing.” – Hypnagogue
• “The duo draw the listener into their music using understated means… The result might be described as ambient-styled soundscaping whose lustrous sheen at times exudes New Age-like placidity without turning soporific in the process.” – textura
• “Combining the intellectual heft of Jazz and Ambient Music with the appeal of New Age/Contemporary Instrumental, Borghi & Teager highlight a range of different tonal modes and musical moods… Their genre strives to lift our inner lives, and [they] are right up there among the best.” – Star’s End, October 2014
Top 20 Albums for November 2014 by WVKR‘s Secret Music (#2)
• Top 20 Albums for October 2014 by KKUP‘s Neptune Currents

Old Slow Sad Ones 2002-2006, Sean Madigan Hoen; Down Peninsula Audio, DPA 10311977 — Purchase via Bandcamp, CD Baby — Full description here
Ambient Music to Heal: An Album for Our Wounded Warriors, Various Artists (Matt Borghi & Michael Teager); Wayfarer Records, WR 051714-27 — Purchase via Bandcamp, Amazon
Beyond the Borders: Ultima Thule Ambient Vol. 2, Various Artists (Matt Borghi & Michael Teager); Ultima Thule Ambient Media, UTAM 002
Awaken the Electric Air: Live from Star’s End, October 20, 2013, Matt Borghi & Michael Teager; Slo.Bor Media, SBM043 — Purchase via iTunes, Amazon, eMusic

• “Their ‘jambient’ style…is deep and soulful and gorgeous and pretty damn near perfect… Borghi’s ambient washes are ever so deep, quiet eddies of sound in constant motion, and Teager’s sax and flute find perfect expressions to complement them, whether it’s the rapid trills and fiery runs of jazz or long, breathy chords that twist their way through the air.” –Hypnagogue, September 2014
• “A borders-collapsing sound that unfolds so organically… [the album] could be seen as a triumph of sorts for Borghi and Teager, given how remarkable and superbly realized a creation it is… It’s gripping stuff, no matter how you slice it.” –textura, March 2014
• “No synthesizers or computers were used during this realization, therefore Awaken the Electric Air possesses a rare textured density, unusual compared to the flattened spaces of digital music… A night time companion, small of gesture, large of heart, this album is subtle and in places moving.” – Star’s End, January 2014
• “Awaken the Electric Air – Live from Star’s End, is in part to hear welcome vestiges of [Jon] Hassell’s tried and true Fourth World, from the plaintive melodic line to the slow-motion tribal pace, but it is also to hear those same sounds seeking to make peace with the current era. The result is a fascinating aesthetic feedback loop: something from the past taking root in and attempting to sound of the present. And on those terms, the music succeeds.” – Marc Weidenbaum, Disquiet on 01.13.14
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• After Otherwise, Matt Borghi; Mareld – Substream, mareld57 — Purchase via iTunes, Beatport, Amazon
• Convocation, Matt Borghi & Michael Teager; Slo.Bor Media, SBM042 — Purchase via Amazon, iTuneseMusic

• “Guitarist Matt Borghi and saxophonist Michael Teager have fashioned a wonderful ambient-styled recording that distinguishes itself dramatically from others in the genre.” –textura, April 2013
• “This is a disc I could leave on all day… I’m going to be very surprised if this doesn’t end up on a lot of ‘Best Of’ lists this year. You have to hear Convocation.” –Hypnagogue, March 2013
• “This album presents five gorgeous and languid soundworlds within which to drift.” –Star’s End, April 2013
• “I’ve never been a fan of the saxophone but Michael Teager places it very tastefully within the music and not over it.” -Carlton Crutcher, Aural Innovations, June 2013
EchoesPRI‘s nationally-syndicated music program, included Convocation on its Top 25 list for March & November 2013
Star’s End‘s Significant Releases of 2013
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• 2012 Holiday Sampler, The Fencemen; Suburban Sprawl Music / Neighbor Neighbor LTD, NNLTD-002 — Get it here
• Halloween Island, White Gold Scorpio; Old Point Light, OPL-002 — Purchase via iTunesAmazoneMusicBandCamp, and CD Baby
• Times Are Alright, The Fencemen; Neighbor Neighbor LTD, NNLTD-001 — Purchase via iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, GooglePlay, Bandcamp, and live shows

• “The Fencemen made just a plain and simple, rocking album with gritty vocals and indie rhythms, which, if you saw them live, you knew exactly where the band were coming from. They were going grab your attention and beat it senseless.” – Todd Karinen on LSJ.com (Lansing State Journal)

• 3-Way Singles Club, Vol. 10, Teag & PK; It Takes a Village To Make Records, ITAV #20 — Purchase via ITAV Records

• Metal & Fire: Songs That Low Taught Us, Cardboard Academy; It Takes A Village To Make Records, ITAV #016

• Amidst the Drifting Symmetry, Matt Borghi w. Michael Teager; inaugural release of VagueTerrain’s Audio Editions
• Live at WCBN 04.28.10, The Elevator Conspiracy; independent release
• Sky Tunes, First Flight; independent release