Journalistic Assist: Update

For all three of you (including me, and that’s still a liberal accounting) who followed the melodrama that was this post, there is now closure. (Whew…) This evening I was surprised to see an email directly from David Weininger in my inbox. Honestly, I was hesitant to open it. I certainly won’t talk out of school and quote him, but suffice it to say he was very thoughtful, sincere, and gentlemanly, and it meant a lot that he contacted me directly, to the point of my own embarrassment. (Perhaps I should refrain from complaining in such an operatic fashion here. Just when I think that almost no one reads this thing…) He’s a kind guy and I got pretty worked up.

The aforementioned post ended with a somewhat flippant, “You’re welcome.” This time a sincere…

Thank you.

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