Paternity Leave

This blog has been pretty quiet over the last several months, save for a couple posts. My wife and I finally met our beautiful son in late January, and we’ve since been running on fumes trying to keep up with him. I don’t often get personal beyond music here, so suffice it to say that it’s been absolutely amazing. Tiring and stressful, sure, but truly amazing. With him now approaching four months of age, I’m finally starting to get somewhat of a handle on my schedule, and hopefully can resume regular posts here going forward. In my head I’ve written dozens of entries these last few months, but in reality I actually sat down to start typing only one and abandoned it after two paragraphs. However, paternity leave from the blog should be over now.

I can say this, and I know it’s cliché, but once our son arrived my perspective and priorities automatically (and instinctually) underwent an instant and total transformation. Most of what I had considered to be important suddenly vanished from my mind, and what remained was given much more weight. Much more. Everything has a new urgency now that the little guy is here, the intensity of which continues to catch me off guard. But our little family is having a great time, and I’m thankful to be taking a summer off from teaching abroad to be home these next few months.

Musically looking back, it’s certainly worth noting that the Borghi | Teager show at Muskegon’s The Block was a success. Matt and I both considered that to be an apex gig for us. Not only were the venue, staff, and attentive crowd first-rate, but we gave what was probably my favorite performance. The music locked in from the first note and maintained throughout the evening. It was a special night for us and one that we’ll not forget. Our performance aside, The Block is a venue to both see as an audience member and play as a performer — a wonderful space!

There’s been little activity other than The Block save for some gigs here and there, as I tried to keep these last few months clear to adjust to the transition. But I’m starting to get back on the musical wagon. Slowly but surely, and with an angry embouchure…

(Happy 202, Richard, a couple days late…)

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