Borghi & Teager on this week’s ‘Hearts of Space’!

This is another big week for Matt Borghi & yours truly, as we’re featured on this week’s transmission of Hearts of Space. The episode, titled “SAXOPHONIC,” focuses on the use of saxophone in ambient music. We’re truly humbled for a few reasons:

1. Our music has been included in the HOS roster. Between that, Echoes, and Star’s End, we’ve achieved the holy trinity of ambient music programs in the last 6 months, and we’re very thrilled! Who knew we’d be here after releasing Convocation a little over a year ago…
2. We’re the only artists with multiple tracks on “SAXOPHONIC.” That was definitely unexpected.
3. We’re in truly GREAT company for this episode, including ECM heavyweights John Surman and the one and only Jan Garbarek. Considering Matt’s and my special affection for ECM, that’s a feather in our cap. I never thought I’d see my name next to Garbarek’s on a playlist…

For full station listings, go here. The program is syndicated to over 200 NPR stations throughout the US.

Matt Borghi & Michael Teager Live on ‘Echoes’ Today – 01.08.14

As a follow-up to our previous appearance on Echoes, Matt Borghi and myself will be featured on today’s episode. Our previous episode featured our Living Room Concert, whereas today’s episode will feature the longform interview conducted by host John Diliberto. Both episodes are in support of Convocation, and they were taped just a day after we recorded Awaken the Electric Air.

John’s knowledgeable, engaged, and thoughtful questions and comments made for a wonderful conversation before, during, and after the taping. We discussed a variety of topics: our project, our individual and collective influences, our individual histories, and general thoughts on music and style. It’s just too bad the mics were off when we dug deeper into Pink Floyd and then covered some Ted Nugent… :)

Check your local listings (here and here) and tune in!

Echoes‘s official announcement here.

Matt Borghi & Michael Teager’s ‘Awaken the Electric Air’ Now Available


I’m happy to announce that Matt Borghi & Michael Teager‘s new live album Awaken the Electric Air: Live from Star’s End, October 20, 2013 is now available. As the title indicates, this is a recording of our full live set on WXPN’s Star’s End, a pillar of ambient music hosted by Chuck van Zyl. This performance was part of Matt’s and my exhilarating promotional tour of Philadelphia. Our set included renditions of two selections from Convocation as well as a number of new pieces. Aside from being broadcast live over the airwaves, our performance was for an intimate in-studio audience during the 4:00 AM hour following our 10.19.13 performance at The Gathering.

From our newsletter’s official announcement:
“The music on this CD comprises live renditions of several selections from Convocation, as well as new compositions that include fresh performances by Teager on flute. Recored live at Philadelphia’s WXPN in the World Café Live studio and housed in packaging that’s comprised of original photography by Star’s End host and veteran electronic musician Chuck van Zyl. Our brief time in Philly was magical and welcoming; it’s satisfying that we were able to truly represent these special moments musically, and with the help of Echoes producer Jeff Towne the recordings are superb.”

We’re proud of this performance and happy to make this available to the public. To keep from stealing Convocation‘s thunder, this is somewhat of a “soft launch” for now. The album is currently only available for hard copy purchase – a digital release is months away. Until then, hard copies may be purchased via Kunaki or at live performances.