MTH Glossary

MT-Headed series:
New Listen – Music review series. Albums reviewed are new to me, however not necessarily “new” releases. (Sometimes they are.) Archive here.
MTH-V – Annotated video series. A video of personal interest accompanied by contextual information, personal anecdotes, and more. Archive here.
My Ambient Canon – Exploring some of my influences regarding ambient music. Archive here.
Earnestness or Artifice? – Thoughts on artistic sincerity. Archive here.

Top 5 – My five favorite bands/artists. There’s a close B-Team of 6-10, but 1-5 are a step above all others, though not always in a particular order themselves. They are: Dave Matthews Band, Miles Davis, TOOL, John Coltrane, Smashing Pumpkins. And keeping a watchful eye all the while is Richard Wagner.