MTH-V: “MacArthur Park” Live

It’s been a while since adding to this series. To do so, here’s an epic take on an equally epic pop song. Like “Stars Fell On Alabama,” I came to know this song through a rather circuitous route. One of my favorite albums in late elementary and early middle school was Weird Al Yankovic’s Greatest […]

The Cold Crossfire of Competitive Self-Interest

This post’s title is a term I’ve coined in my mind over the last week in an attempt to accurately describe my particular socio-musical “place.” (The academic side of me is loving this multi-syllabic feast, by the way.) That place, as I see it, is the intersection that I represent between a host of ensembles […]

MTH-V: Steely Dan’s “Black Cow”

Over the last several weeks I’ve gone down the Steely Dan rabbit hole. (And you could arguably say that I’m still in it.) It started with the blind purchase of Gaucho, followed quickly by Aja, Katy Lied, and Pretzel Logic. And I’m sure that others will soon follow. For years Steely Dan has been little […]

MTH-V: Marcus Miller trifecta

Disclaimer: Those who solely listen “seriously” at all times might not appreciate these. Otherwise, have fun and click away. 🙂 For this week, I’ve decided on a “threefer.” Mainly because, although I do have a favorite of the three, they’re all worth posting (for different reasons), and best posted in tandem. The below videos are all […]